The Unity Behind: Drag Shows

Had you told me six months ago that I would attend a drag show, I would have laughed. Had you told me that i would have left in the best mood I have been in since I can remember, I would have said you were insane. Yet here I am.


The Race Card Project: My Own Entry

During class one day my professor discussed race, how it affects people, how it effects out lives, and how perception of race is molded into stereotypes that one falls back upon when making observations of others. She had divided us into groups around the room, based upon where we sat, and assigned to each group … Continue reading The Race Card Project: My Own Entry

How do Sociological influences effect the writing of the New-Adult Genre?

"What is it millennials prefer to read for fun/ for the sake of reading?" When this question was posed to me, I found it easy to answer. Until I was asked "Why?". This got me to thinking, why exactly do I enjoy reading what I do? In this, I hope to determine better what issues most heavily influence the opinions of young adults, and new adults on the NewAdult genre.