How do Sociological influences effect the writing of the New-Adult Genre?

The “NewAdult” genre of literature is a fairly recently developed genre of writing, that combines the popular “Young Adult” (YA) genre withe the intention of being marketed towards a “higher brow” audience, ranging from ages 18-30 on most accounts. Since the term was coined in 2009 the genre has gotten a bad reputation, with books such as “Fifty Shades of Grey” being the sort that many people associate with the genre. The stereotype built around it was that this genre heavily focuses on the “sex and erotica” style of writing.  However, this genre also covers themes along the lines of the search for self identity, sexuality, depression, financial independence, and starting college, along with many others. These sort of issues are the sort that many new adults, those who are above legal age, often struggle with or learn to face in the beginning of their adult lives.

During a discussion of the topic of “NewAdult” fiction with a family member (whom is also an aspiring NewAdult fiction author), the following question arose, “What is it millennials prefer to read for fun/ for the sake of reading?”.  Follow up questions to this included “What sort of issues do college level students see as worrisome?” and the ultimate question in such discussions “Why?”. The issues that my family member posed as examples for the sorts seen as worrisome include: Date-rape, Thinking Ahead to Graduation, and Sexual identity/ Sexuality.

These questions all seemed to be fairly easy for myself to answer, up until the inevitable “Why?”. That’s when I had to seriously think, why is it that I enjoy reading what I do? Peer influence? The issues I struggle with or those I have seen others struggle with? No doubt the media has some effect too of course…

This got me thinking, do others in my peer group feel the same way? So to you all I pose these questions:

What is it that you enjoy reading? What sociological influences and social issues do you feel may drive you to like that writing style? Why, do you think, it is that these social issues have become so common in NewAdult (and to a lesser extent, young adult) literature?

Comment your opinions and responses below!


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