A bit of background.

Sociology, what is it exactly? That is the same question I found myself asking when i signed up for the course. I thought “Hey, its a humanities course, how hard could it possibly be?”. In truth, sociology is an extremely complex subject, focusing on how interactions with the world around you effects decision making and how an individuals decisions can have repercussions in the outside world.

To say that sociology is as simple as that though, is still not correct. Upon taking the first session of class, I realized just how odd this class will end up being. The first class session already had me questioning whether or not my own decision in major was due to the subtle clues and hints of those around me and of the need of society for me to take on the profession of chemist.

As the class goes on I will most definitely find myself enjoying the discussions more and more, as it always seems I do in such courses.

Until then, the material will keep me busy!

“It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company”

— George Washington


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